Technology Notes                                           


What is Thermochromic Masterbatch?


  • Thermochromic Pigment for Plastics


  • Uses include temperature driven Color Changing Cups, Spoons, Bowls & Stirrers that create consumer engagement with reusable plastics


Thermochromic Masterbatch is a range of temperature sensitive thermochromic pellets containing Leuco Dyes which change from colored to colorless as temperature rises. The color reappears when the temperature is reduced again.

 Encapsulated Leuco Dyes (LD) undergo a reversible color change that occurs over a temperature differential of approximately 5ºF (2.8ºC).  The capsules are engineered to change color over a broad range of temperatures

  • Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Bright Green, Blue, Purple, Magenta, Black, Turquoise and Vermillion
  • Temp range: -10 to 69°C/ 24 to 154ºF
  • Works best: in PP, PE, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, EVA, PS and SAN


Color changing effects can be varied infinitely by blending Thermochromic Masterbatch with other translucent or opaque masterbatches. LCR Hallcrest Masterbatch is supplied in concentrate form and is ideally suited for use in polyolefins. We recommend that all direct food contact applications be independently tested by a 3rd party testing house.

Where to Buy?

LCR Hallcrest is a leading supplier of Thermochromic Masterbatch. Visit or call us at 847.998.8580.